Simple Yet Effective
With the simplest and easiest to maintain design on the market, the Hydro-Action aeration system installed, maintained, and warranted by James Backhoe Service at the most reasonable prices in the area is a combination that is hard to beat. A strategically located access lid allows for visual and/or physical inspection of not only the inlet, but the outlet as well. This very important feature is designed to minimize the amount of time necessary for any work done inside the main plant - so simple, but yet so ahead of its time!

Easy Installation
The fiberglass design enables us to put the system where it should be, rather than where you can get the truck with the heavier concrete systems. Fiberglass is a very durable product that, when installed in the ground, should basically never wear out. It is impervious to the septic gases that develop inside.

Easy Accessibility for Service
Our unique, all in one housing mounted on top of the tank near the access lid places the main Hydro-Action components where they are easily accessible. The pump, control panel, and alarm components are mounted inside the specially designed housing placing these components at the serviceman's fingertips. While adequately providing proper ventilation, this housing also amply weatherproofs these components.

Quiet and Inexpensive
The linear air pump on the Hydro-Action unit is very quiet and inexpensive to operate. This pump uses less electricity than that of a 100 watt light bulb.

Low Maintenance
There are no moving parts or heavy filters inside the tank to worry about. The Hydro-Action compressor sits on top of the unit in a protective housing increasing the life of it compared to some other systems. The compressor simply hooks to an airline which goes to the bottom and blows directly through a series of diffusers.

Odor Free
The Hydro-Action's 6 diffusers provide even distribution of oxygen throughout the plant. The Hydro-Action process is a clear, odorless effluent discharge, which exceeds state water quality standards. The self-contained Hydro-Action reduces sewage to an odorless safe discharge in 24 hours!

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