James Backhoe Service, Inc. has the unique distinction of being the first company to install and maintain an NPDES system in the State of Illinois. An NPDES system must be used when the surface discharge will enter into the “Waters of the United States” as required by the USEPA and defined by the Clean Water Act. An NPDES Permit (ILG62) for a system in Illinois can only be obtained when a site evaluation has been conducted by a NEHA Certified Installer showing specifically that some form of Subsurface system is not feasible. In order to obtain a NEHA Certification, a current Illinois Licensed Septic System Installation Contractor must obtain significant training materials and pass a difficult test conducted at a local college. Chris James, Vice President of James Backhoe Service, Inc. is one of only 3 Licensed NEHA Certified Installers in Illinois. Chris is very capable of assisting and providing anyone in need of an NPDES system with the proper help, site evaluation, and paperwork.

The Hydro-Action NPDES System, built by Septic Solutions, Inc., also located in Dieterich, IL, has a long proven track record of meeting the specific sampling requirements mandated by the USEPA in the NPDES Permit. A standard Class 1 aerobic system will not be able to meet these sampling parameters. The special system starts with the very advanced Hydro-Action Class 1 aerobic system. To that we add a 500 gallon trash tank. Inside the clarifier of the Hydro-Action we add the patent pending Ultra-Violet system containing our extraordinary re-aeration unit. The re-aeration unit works to keep the Ultra-Violet light bulb clean while introducing large amounts of oxygen to meet the BOD sampling requirements. Our very unique control panel operates the entire unit and can even sense when the Ultra-violet bulb needs cleaning, at which time the alarm will be activated. We can even attach any necessary pump tanks and controls when needed, all of which is operated by the same control panel. Nobody else has a product comparable to this. 

Chris James of James Backhoe Service, Inc. can help make the whole rather lengthy process seem much simpler. If your system will discharge into the Waters of the United States and you are in need of a special NPDES System, call us at 217-925-5132 to schedule your site evaluation today.

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