Let James Backhoe Service, Inc. take care of your septic system!

We offer a service agreement after your 2 year warranty period is up where we will come out and service your sytem twice a year just as we did before.  This preventative maintenance will keep your system in good shape and will help prevent any major problems before they occur.

Service Inspections include examination and perform preventative
maintenance as needed on the following:

-Filtering System, Aerator, Air Induction Lines, Alarm Components, Gaskets
-Electrical Connections, Access Cover Seal, Effluent Quality, Suspended Solids Level
-Odors, Lift Station (if applicable), Chlorinator (if applicable)

We will also let you know when your tank needs to be pumped out.

Save yourself money and help keep our environment clean.

If you would like to sign up for a service agreement, please call us at 217-925-5132, and we will mail you the information to get you setup in our computer system.

Thank You For Visiting James Backhoe Serivce! Call Us At 217-925-5132 Today To Schedule Your New System!

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